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In an ever-changing insurance landscape, it can be tricky to know what impact changes to clauses or how trends can affect your cover.

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Forest & Rural Fires Act – changes that affect you

The Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 (FENZ Act) has significantly changed the liability landscape for those that cause uncontrolled rural fires and those who suffer loss because of them. Those who cause rural fires now face the threat of criminal liability, possible imprisonment and hefty fines that are payable directly to the Crown […]

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Signing Contracts – the insurance implication

Did you know that some clauses in contracts you sign may affect your insurance cover?  This includes contracts ranging from tenancy agreements through to large commercial supply and construction contracts. Contractual Liability can impact and occasionally invalidate your insurance cover. We can review the insurance & indemnity clauses in your contract(s) and if necessary, refer it to a […]

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Issues affecting property owners

Amended regulations to increase evacuation requirements for building owners, adding to risk exposure Last July the New Zealand Fire Service restructured.  As part of that change they rebranded to become Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) and now work under new legislation being the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017. Part of that change required the Fire Safety […]

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Properly repaired vehicles are safe to drive and safe in an accident

Earlier this month Professional Liability Manager Blair Dyer attended an event hosted by Star Insurance Specialists who create and manage insurance policies for luxury motor vehicles. Blair learned a few things about vehicle repair and shares them here for our readers. With new technology the cost of motor vehicle repairs is increasing.  Car bumpers, for […]

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Trust law to become more accessible

Trusts Bill – A New Path The new Trusts Bill was finally introduced on 1 August 2017.  It’s awaiting its first reading pending input from the Select Committee. The purpose of the new Bill is summarised as: “This Bill will replace the Trustee Act 1956 and the Perpetuities Act 1964 to make trust law more […]

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Aviation Operators – beyond Hull & Liability policies

After the recent 2017 Aviation Conference in Hamilton,  I noted there was considerable discussion about improving safety and reducing risks and fatigue management. When reflecting on those discussions I was reminded that it’s natural that aviation operators are principally focused on insuring their aircraft, as this is the lifeblood of their business. That aircraft insurance […]

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Increased Fire Service Tax – 1 July 2017

In New Zealand, the firefighting services are funded by the Fire Service Levy (FSL) on insurance policy holders. This compulsory Levy is added to the insurance premiums for personal and commercial property, motor vehicles, contract works and other insurance policies. The Government is currently undertaking a consultation process that will result in a merger of […]

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Wire strikes and your liability

Following a recently well publicised event where the power to Gisborne was interrupted by a wire strike, many of our clients have asked if they are covered under their aviation policy for the consequential losses arising from proven negligence as a result of taking the powerlines down? We posed this question to Mark Anderson, a […]

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