Our Team

Our Team

You can have complete confidence in our highly experienced client management team


Neil Austin /  Managing Director

As Managing Director and founder, Neil leads our team of brokers and support staff who are firmly focused on meeting the needs of clients and providing tailored insurance solutions and policy coverage.

With over 30 years of experience, Neil has built a solid reputation in the insurance industry as a highly regarded insurance broker and risk advisor. He brings that experience to the staff and clients of Austinsure, which he founded in 2004.

He is known for innovation and delivering cost-effective and sustainable solutions to an ever-increasing client base.  These include SMEs through to major enterprises across a wide range of sectors including the Aviation industry and launching Austinsure’s professional indemnity offerings to lawyers and valuers.

Neil has formed and nurtured strong relationships over many years – locally and internationally – and this has enabled Austinsure to access exclusive Lloyd’s facilities and other arrangements overseas. This means the world’s leading insurance products and services are available to New Zealand businesses through Austinsure.

Email: neil@austinsure.co.nz


Blair Dyer / Professional Liability Manager

As Professional Liability Manager, Blair works with clients to fully understand their risks and insurance requirements. He provides recommendations on insurance solutions, negotiates and arranges cover, and manages claims. He is also responsible for the development of customised liability insurance solutions and policy coverage.

Blair’s eye is firmly on the individual needs of the client’s business. He focuses on identifying and understanding risks and developing the most appropriate response from the insurance market to help his client protect against those risks.

Blair has nearly 30 years of experience, joining Austinsure in 2012.  Prior to his current role, Blair was Professional Liability Manager for an insurer leading a team of 10 underwriters. He brings significant experience working in the fire and general insurance sector with a particular interest in liability, and products for professional services.

Blair particularly enjoys a challenge and often succeeds in getting cover for hard-to-insure risks or getting difficult claims paid.

As well as working with Austinsure clients, Blair assists other insurance brokers, insurance lawyers and insurers with liability issues

He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management.

Outside of work, Blair enjoys spending time with his family and is a keen judge of good coffee.

Email: blair@austinsure.co.nz

Greg Boult / Account Manager

Joining the insurance industry in 1980, Greg’s experience is vast. Prior to early 2018 his background was in relationship management, business development, sales and underwriting, including sales management, all with insurance companies dealing with Brokers.

Since early 2018 and after a year working in other brokerages, Greg went looking for a different challenge and found himself at Austinsure, looking after Professional Indemnity clients, Aviation clients and many others.

Greg’s friendly and talkative nature makes building trust and forming strong relationships easy. “The thing I really enjoy about insurance broking as opposed to working for an insurance company is that every day, you’re talking to real people, looking after their businesses. Working in insurance companies I got to know many, many brokers, and Austinsure is different to most. There’s a higher degree of professionalism, integrity, and genuine care for our clients.”

Apart from industry knowledge, relationship building is very important to Greg, who finds it incredibly satisfying when you achieve great outcomes for the client.

“I want to be able to go to bed at night and know that everyone I’ve dealt with that day has had the best possible result.”

If you watch closely, Greg can occasionally be seen on our TV screens, appearing as an extra. It’s another chance for him to interact with people in the real but slightly different world, not from behind a computer or phone. He also plays in the annual Insurers v Brokers rugby league challenge, something he’s been doing since the very first tournament in 2011.

Email: greg@austinsure.co.nz

Tracey Fitness / Account Manager

Originally from the Waikato, Tracey’s insurance career started in 2000, her first job after returning from her OE.

Tracey’s early insurance career was in underwriting for insurance companies and she says being a broker now, she has a strong understanding of the industry from both sides. 

She’s forged many relationships in the industry – building upon those relationships is a huge part of what she does and something she really enjoys. 

Tracey has a good rapport with all her clients. “It’s so rewarding to be able to help people. You’re not only helping them into the right cover, but also showing them why other policies aren’t going to be good for them. We talk about what we do as ‘selling claims’ because it’s at claim time you really find out what you’ve been paying for. Having the right policy prevents a future nightmare when it comes time to claim.”

Tracey’s day to day involves working with new or existing clients to understand their business, the risks they face and therefore the covers they need, and working with insurers to put together the right solution. Things can change, especially since Covid-19. With new scenarios popping up every day, it’s critical to be up to date on industry changes and amendments to policy wordings.  

Whilst premium is important, Tracey is very focused on ensuring clients have the right protection. The little extra you might pay in premium is insignificant compared with the impact of a gap in cover, which can be devastating. Clients are the very heart of our business and for Tracey, doing the right thing for them is offering a fit for purpose solution. 

Her time outside of work revolves around family – which usually includes good food and wine. And naturally, supporting the Chiefs.

Email: tracey@austinsure.co.nz

Kate Ward / Broker Support

After a variety of administrative roles, Kate’s career in insurance took off in 2018, when she accepted the role of receptionist and general administration at Austinsure. 

She is now broker support for Greg Boult and says the most fulfilling aspect of her job is the challenge of finding the absolute best outcome for each client. 

“There is so much due diligence necessary because we want to be able to advise the best coverage option, Kate says. “So we need to look at every insurer, every product, and the wording of every policy, to ensure that what we present to a client offers the very best cover for their requirements.” 

The most important part of Kate’s role is the accuracy and attention to detail that must be paid to every policy, and this is where Kate excels. “The time spent double and triple checking every little detail of cover to ensure it’s going to hold up, is very satisfying when you know it could mean the difference between disaster or relief when a client is faced with making a claim,” she says.  

Kate has a solid work ethic and is always ready to involve herself in other areas of the business wherever she can, making the most of her bachelor’s degree in business administration.  While she and Greg know what to expect from each other and have a strong working relationship, they also have a lot of laughs, Kate’s enthusiasm and bubbly personality brightening the hard-working environment.

In her spare time, Kate likes to enjoy the outdoors, and says if she were able to travel she’d go to Greece. “I would like to go to Santorini and experience one of their iconic sunsets.” 

Email: kate@austinsure.co.nz

Ethan Clark / Broker Support

Our youngest member of the team, Ethan Clark, majored in Finance and Management at Auckland University. He has always been interested in business and taking on a broker support role at Austinsure straight after university, he is soaking up the knowledge like a sponge. 

As a support broker under Blair’s tutelage, he is impressed by Blair’s experience and knowledge.  Everything Blair says is valuable, and Ethan is a keen understudy.    

“At the moment I’m behind a desk but I see the work Blair and Greg are doing and that really appeals to me. I love connecting and interacting with different people and learning about their business. It’s varied and fascinating.”    

Ethan enjoys social interaction and finds it easy to connect with everyone. He has an easy going nature and his interest in business and communication will see him do well in this industry, where forming strong client relationships and knowing their business is critical. 

Outdoors is where you’ll likely find Ethan out of work hours – unless he is at the gym or watching basketball. And for relaxation, a week in Bali would be awesome. Although if he could do anything and be guaranteed of safety, he’d also consider the moon as a holiday destination.

Email: ethan@austinsure.co.nz

Holly Williamson / Office Manager

To say Holly thrives on learning new challenges would be an understatement. She kicked off her career in teaching, and after 3 years and an 8 month travel break, returned to New Zealand with an appetite for learning new things every day and a need to keep her mind stimulated.

Her insurance career started in the medical sector where she found her niche in Compliance and Learning & Development – at the same time acquiring skills in accounts and relationship management.

Although her background is heavily compliance and operations focused, Holly thoroughly enjoys assisting in the everyday running of a business. She likes to be proactive, creating and implementing new and efficient ways to complete tasks being a port of knowledge should anyone require assistance with whatever they’re doing.

“I was drawn to the office administrator role at Austinsure because it enables me to put to good use the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired from previous roles, as well as giving me the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business and soak up new knowledge.”

In her spare time Holly is likely to be on, in or above the water, with wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and surfing being her great passions. Land-based leisure pursuits include rock-climbing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Smart and savvy, Holly brings a wonderful energy to the Austinsure team.