Properly repaired vehicles are safe to drive and safe in an accident

Earlier this month Professional Liability Manager Blair Dyer attended an event hosted by Star Insurance Specialists who create and manage insurance policies for luxury motor vehicles. Blair learned a few things about vehicle repair and shares them here for our readers.

With new technology the cost of motor vehicle repairs is increasing.  Car bumpers, for example, now incorporate a range of sensors designed to make the car safer and easier to drive.  Some cars can even parallel park by themselves.  This new technology has impacted enormously on vehicle repairs and the vehicle repairers, especially those involved with high end luxury vehicles employing lots of new technology.

The repair process for the vehicle I saw repaired didn’t start on the shop floor, it started at a computer. The latest repair information is downloaded from the vehicle manufacturer and parts and supplies are ordered to ensure everything is on hand for the repair of the vehicle. This can include items such as the manufacturer’s approved type of glue ($1000 for a small tube) or a special socket to be able to unscrew a new bolt head (250 Euro).

A vehicle under repair that we saw required a door to be refitted. Unlike the refitting of a kitchen cupboard door, this vehicle door had to be fitted precisely to make sure the side airbag would be safely deployed in the event of another accident.

The thing I took away when seeing and hearing of this was that the standard for vehicle repair today is more than making the vehicle safe to drive, it’s also about making the vehicle safe if involved in another accident.  To do that requires repairers to have the right knowledge, skills, materials and processes.

I was greatly encouraged to hear that Star Insurance Specialists make sure to only use repairers that have the skills and equipment required.  If you’d like to know more about them and the cover available, please give us a call.




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