If you or your business provide professional services to clients you will very likely need professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI cover.

Professional indemnity insurance is a form of liability insurance that protects people and businesses who provide advice and professional services from incurring the full costs of claims arising from their negligence or mistakes that cause loss or damage to another party.

Austinsure’s specialist PI insurance brokers work alongside our professional services clients to identify and quantify risk, evaluate existing products, and create tailored solutions.

We negotiate with insurers to gain better policy wordings, eliminate exclusions and reduce premiums where possible. This way, your PI cover can be designed to suit your specific profession and the risks that individuals and businesses in your profession are exposed to.

Our approach is underpinned by a strong customer service ethic and we always start by gaining a solid understanding of our clients’ business to be able to provide the best possible solution.

If a claim should arise against your PI policy, we streamline and expedite the claims process to minimise adverse impacts on you and your business. We handle any claims ourselves on your behalf and remain hands-on throughout the claims process to ensure you are treated promptly and fairly. As part of the Steadfast Group, we also have access to their Claims ‘Triage’ Service, a managed escalation process designed to assist with the resolution of disputed claims, should any occur.


What our clients say

“We used to be with one of the big broking firms and they would come out to see me every year, but I never felt like I had a relationship with them. Whereas I feel like I’ve got a relationship with my Austinsure broker and that he cares about the success of my practice. Austinsure is very approachable, very hands on. I really feel like they’re working for me.”

Tammy McLeod, Company Director,

Davenports Harbour Lawyers