7 reasons to choose Austinsure

At Austinsure, we’re confident we can meet your businesses insurance needs. Here’s why:

1. We listen

When it comes to getting your business the most relevant cover, it’s essential we understand your business before we start talking to our insurance partners. To do that requires asking questions, and most importantly, to listen carefully to your answers.

2. Experience

The team at Austinsure have a huge depth of experience that allows us to identify the specific needs of our customers, and to ensure that their cover is adequate for both their needs and expectations. We can also review your current policies, and work with our providers to create better solutions for your benefit.

3. Attention to detail

Insurance policies are built around details. Once we understand your business, we check policy wording closely to identify possible gaps in your cover. If we have concerns, we’ll discuss them with you and the insurer to ensure your business has the most appropriate cover.

4. Customer service

It’s important that our customers know they are in good hands. This means being responsive, both at claim time and where cover may be required quickly. And where urgency is required we’ll ensure our high standards of quality and detail are maintained.

5. We’re proactive

The insurance needs of our customers can change, depending on a number of circumstances. Because Austinsure’s focus is to always maintain and improve our clients protection against risk, we do this by staying in touch with our clients, so we know when their needs have changed and we adapt their policies to suit.

6. Clarity

At Austinsure we make sure that our customers are extremely clear on exactly what is and isn’t covered within their policy. This approach ensures risk profiles are reduced, but it also provides our customers with the confidence that when an incident occurs, they will be adequately protected.

7. Customer satisfaction

Our customers want the best possible insurance solution and we work closely with our partners to ensure this happens. Our processes, levels of support and policy detail are all delivered to Austinsure’s exacting standards – the result is our customers have complete confidence their business has the right cover.